Roy and Jessica wanted to go out for some fun. I tossed out the idea of going to a swinger house party some of our friends were having tonight. Jessica and Roy thought that was a great idea.

The three of us got dressed up in our party clothes and took a ride share over to the party. When we got there, we went inside and thanked the hosts for inviting us. I gave George a big hug and kiss. I always get a little hot and bothered when I see him. He has a great body and a butt I really like to grab. It’s nice and firm.

Roy gave his wife Jacky a big hug and kiss and like Roy, he grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed.

Jessica had not met them yet. So, we introduced her to George and Jacky. George took an interest in her right away. I acted like I was a little jealous and told George that we only come as a set. He smiled and laughed and said that I would always be his favorite.

We went into the party and started mingling and flirting with the party guests. It was a nice group of sexy people. It looked like about 10 couples showed up and two single guys. Jessica seemed to be the only single girl at the party. I hope she is ready for all the attention she is going to get.

Roy got the three of us some drinks and we found a place to sit on one of the couches. There was only room for two to sit comfortably. So, Roy and I sat down and had Jessica sit in Roy’s lap with her legs across mine. She had a really short skirt on that gave me a great view of her pussy. We both decided not to wear panties to the party.

After a few more drinks, Jessica and I decided to explore the party and do some heavy flirting along the way.

As we were walking around, I noticed that it looked like Jessica was drooling a bit. I looked over to see who she was looking at and realized why she had that look on her face. She was looking at a guy I know that is extremely hot and knows how to please a woman in bed.

I took her by the hand and walked over to him. I told Tom that Jessica thought he was hot and that she was not wearing any panties. Jessica reached over and pinched me. Boy did she look embarrassed. She started stumbling on her words. Tom looked at her and said, “Hmm… No panties? Can I see?” Jessica’s eyes got really big, and I had to pick her jaw off the ground.

I looked at her and said, “You already fucked him in your mind, so show him.” Jessica’s face turned red. I walked around behind her and quickly pulled up her skirt. She got extremely tongue tied. Tom gave her a hug and picked her up off the ground. He then gave her a big kiss and told her that she had a very sexy pussy and that he would love to taste it. Jessica pretty much went limp in his arms. She was used to being the sexually aggressive one and did not know how to really respond.

Once Tom put her down, we continued to walk around the party. She swore that she was going to get me back for that. I said, “Well now that you know he is sexually attracted to you, I just helped to speed things up a little. I think you owe me.” Jessica just looked at me like I was crazy.

We went in one of the rooms and saw a round table in the middle of the room with six chairs around it. Around the edges of the room were couches. Jessica pointed out that the ceiling had mirrors on it. We both looked a little confused about the room.

We continued to check out the rest of the party and did some more flirting along the way. When I saw George and Jacky, I asked about the room with the round table in it. Jacky smiled and said, “Do you know what a lazy Susan is?”

I told her I did but what does that have to do with the table? She explained how it worked and asked me if I would like to try it. I told her that it sounded very interesting and that I would love to try it out.

She told me to go find three guys and three girls and meet her and George in the room with the table.

Jessica looked at me and said, “I better be one of the girls!” I laughed a little and told her that Roy and she were both on my list. Now we just have to find two more guys and two more girls.

I looked at Jessica and said, “How about Tom?” She blushed a little and said, “Let’s go find him.” Looks like my aggressive little Jessica is back. Once we found Tom, I told him what we were going to do and asked him if he would like to join in on the fun. He said that he would love to, and he would go wait in the room for us.

I told Jessica that all we needed was one more guy and two more girls. I asked Jessica to go tell Roy what we were going to do and have him go wait for us in the room with the round table.

I walked around and found two sexy girls and another hot guy I had my eye on, and asked them if they would like to join in. They said that it sounded fun. We all then proceeded to the room with the round table.

When we entered the room, George and Jacky were ready to explain how the table worked. Jacky said that Danielle will lay down on the table face up with her legs pulled up and spread. The other six people would sit around the table in the chairs.

When everyone was ready to play, the table would be turned on. It would start to rotate slowly. It would automatically stop and start randomly. When it stopped, it would remain stopped for a random amount of time before it started to rotate again.

Each time it stops, the people that Danielle’s pussy and head pointed to, could do whatever they want to her until the table starts to turn again. The starting and stopping of the table would continue as long as Danielle could handle the sexual attention.

Jacky also mentioned that the couches around the room were available for anyone that wanted to watch. George looked at me and asked if I was ready that he would help me to remove all my clothes and help me up on the table. Of course, I said I was ready.

Once George removed all my clothing, he helped me up on the table. I laid down with my legs up and spread. George slid a small pillow under my neck so I could tilt my head back a little comfortably. I told Jacky that I was ready. She turned the table on, and it started to rotate slowly.

Now I know why there were mirrors on the ceiling. I can see exactly what was going on. It looked a little strange but hot at the same time watching me rotate on the table with everyone sitting around it.

The table stopped for the first time. My pussy was pointed towards one of the girls and my head was pointing towards one of the guys.

The girl started eating me and running her fingernails up and down the back of my thighs. She was really good at it. I was expecting the guy to stick his cock in my mouth but instead, he started playing with my boobs and kissing me. After a few minutes I heard the faint beep that the table was about to start turning again.

The table started to turn and when it stopped, I looked up and I had another guy at my head. He was smiling and had a blindfold in his hands. He slid it over my head and covered my eyes with it. I could feel someone rubbing my pussy up and down. This time the table did not stay still but for a few moments. It started to turn again.

When it stopped, I could not tell who was at my pussy or who was at my head since I was now blindfolded. OK, the blindfold added some mystery to the game and caused my imagination to go a little wild.

I felt someone started to lick my pussy. They were making little circles around my clit and felt what I guess was a finger circling the opening of my pussy. I then felt a cock rubbing on my lips and cheeks. I opened my mouth, and he slid his cock inside. I started to suck on his cock while he was pumping it in and out.

Whoever was eating my pussy was doing a really good job. It felt great and got me to start moaning a little. Suddenly, they both stopped, and the table started to turn again.

When the table came to a stop once again, I could smell a scent I was familiar with. I felt a pussy lower onto my face. I started licking and eating it. I could tell it was Jessica. I know what drives her wild. I started to stick my tongue in and out of her pussy. I could hear her starting to moan. I then started to suck on her clit. I could feel her starting to tremble a little.

Someone was massaging my pussy while I was eating Jessica. I was enjoying it a lot. I then felt a little pressure on the opening to my pussy. I then felt a nice size cock slide inside me. He started to pump it in and out of me using long strokes. The feeling of fullness along with the long slow strokes, caused me to start to orgasm. I was getting close to having an orgasm when the table started to turn again. Now, I was extremely horny and wanted to cum.

The table seemed to turn longer this time. The suspense was driving me a little crazy. I started playing with myself. I could feel how wet I was. I continued to masturbate until the table finally stopped.

When it finally stopped, I started to suck on my fingers and taste myself. I felt someone start to kiss me while I was still sucking lightly on my fingers. I slid my fingers inside their mouth so they could taste my juices. This felt very erotic.

I felt another cock sliding deep inside me. It was larger than I am used to having inside me. It caused me to gasp as it went deep into me. Once I adjusted to his size, the fullness felt amazing. He took one of my hands and placed it on my clit. I started to play with myself as he fucked me with his large cock.

I could feel someone playing with my breasts and pinching my nipples slightly. I then realized I was sucking on a cock. I don’t remember someone placing their cock in my mouth. I guess the guy fucking me had all of my attention at that moment.

I could feel my body starting to tremble and I knew I was starting to orgasm. I started to moan louder and louder. I felt a very strong orgasm coming on.

At that moment, everyone started to play with me. I could feel hands and lips all over my body. I could hear other people at or near the table starting to moan in ecstasy. This drove me wild.

I could feel the guy’s cock that I was sucking on start to throb. I knew he was close to exploding. I then felt warm cum being shot into my mouth. I continued to suck him as I was enjoying listening to him moan. OK, I can be a little evil at times.

My entire body started to shake as I had an amazing orgasm. I felt the guy that was fucking me pull out. He started to moan very loudly, and I could feel warm cum landing all over my stomach and chest. I started to rub it in when I felt two of the girls starting to lick me clean. I could tell it was two girls because I placed my hands on the back of their heads as they licked my body.

I felt another guy slide his cock inside me and start to pound me hard. This quickly brought on another amazing orgasm. I screamed out in ecstasy. I felt his cock throbbing deep inside me. Moments later I could feel his warm cum shooting deep into my pussy. It felt great.

When he pulled out, I felt another guy sliding his cock inside of my pussy. I also felt another guy sliding his cock inside my mouth. Wait a minute, there were only three guys at the table. These two guys were not playing the game. I was so sexually excited; I did not care.

The two guys were rather large. I was so horny I had no problem taking their size. I continued to suck on the one guy while the other was fucking me.

I felt a hand rubbing my lower abdomen. It felt good, but I wanted more. I grabbed it and slid it down to my clit. I could tell it was a female hand as it was gentle. She started to massage my clit. That drove me further up the wall.

A moment later I could feel someone tickling my asshole. They were running their finger around the opening and gently flicking it. WOW! Did that feel good. I started to raise my hips up and down. The guy that was fucking me started pounding me harder.

I felt lube being applied to my ass and then felt it being finger fucked. I was starting to orgasm again.

I could feel whoever was fingering my ass slowly adding more fingers and going in deeper. The fullness of the huge cock inside me along with the fingers deep in my ass brought on an orgasm that seemed to never stop. I screamed out louder and louder.

I felt both guys cocks starting to throb. I took the one guy’s cock deep into my throat. I’m not sure how I even managed that as he was huge. But it caused him to cum almost immediately. When he came, I held him deep in my throat to drive him wild. I thought it would gag me a little, but it did not. It actually felt a little strange but at the same time, very sensual.

The guy that was fucking me started to cum and that caused my entire body to start trembling more and more. I was feeling pure ecstasy and did not want it to ever end.

After the game was over, I just laid on the table until I could recover. I knew I could not stand up and walk with my body trembling. Later, I was told that while I was just lying on the table, I had a huge smile on my face.

Once I recovered, I took off the blindfold and sat up. All I could see were naked people all around the room totally exhausted. It looked like the aftermath of a great orgy. Apparently, everyone had a good time. I know I did.