Roy and I went out to a new swingers club last night. We were sitting at a table watching the crowd and deciding on who we wanted to approach and see if they would like to join us in the sex rooms.

A cute girl kept looking my way every now and then. As soon as I would make eye contact with her, she would look away very quickly. I could see that she was apparently nervous.

Well, she surprised me. A little later a slow song came on. She got up, walked over to me, held out her hand, and told me that we were going to dance. She told me; she did not ask me. I reached out and grabbed her hand and told her that I would love to dance with her.

We walked out on the dance floor and when we wrapped our arms around each other, I could feel her shaking just a little. She was apparently still nervous. After the song ended, she said that we should dance one more song. I smiled at her and said that it sounded good to me.

About a minute into the second song, she looked me in the eyes and started kissing me and playing with my ass. I’m used to being the aggressive one. But I really liked her nervous aggression. Roy and I ended up having a threesome with her later that night.