I got home from work and Roy had drawn a nice bath for me. He told me that he had our entire evening planned out and all I had to do was relax. He told me to strip down right now and just leave my work clothes in a pile on the floor. He gave me a quick hug and kiss and told me to get to it.

I removed all my clothes and Roy led me to the bathroom while walking behind me rubbing my shoulders. OK, this was not too bad. He helped me into the bathtub and handed me a washcloth. He had a bath bomb and a drink sitting on the edge of the tub for me. When he left the bathroom, he turned down the lights and turned on some soft soothing music. He said he would let me know when dinner was ready.

In the back of my mind, I was thinking Roy was going after some brownie points for something. I may love Roy, but I also know him well. I decided to just take advantage of the pampering and enjoy my bath. Ahh… He even had an erotic book by the bathtub that I could read. I picked it up and started to read the story while enjoying the bath, dim lights, and soft music. This was really relaxing and was melting the stress from the day off of me very quickly.

About 45 minutes later, Roy came into the bathroom and said that dinner was ready. He helped me out of the tub and dried me off. I love being pampered. He picked up a little red silk robe and helped me put it on. He then took my hand and we walked to the table were Roy had dinner already laid out. He pulled out my chair and slid it in as I sat down.

Before Roy took his seat across from me, he gave me a quick kiss and told me that he loved me. He had prepared us bacon wrapped fillet mignon, a side salad, and some vegetables. Roy also had me another drink made and sitting by my plate. I finally had to ask him what was he going after or what did he do? He smiled at me and said that he just thought I needed a very relaxing evening.

He lit the candles that were on the table and then turned down the lights. Roy also put on some very soft music. OK, this was really nice. I’ll quit thinking that he has an ulterior motive and enjoy the candle lit dinner.

After we finished our meal, Roy cleared the table and then sat back down so we could just spend a little time talking. He refilled my drink and we talked about our future plans and what adventures we wanted to take together. We don’t get a chance to do this often. So, I was really enjoying the time we were spending together after dinner.

About 9 PM, Roy said that he had one more surprise for me. When I asked him what it was, he did not say a word. He just took my hand and led me to the couch. He told me to sit down and just relax. I asked him again what my surprise was. All he said was that I would soon find out. He sat down and gave me a kiss and massaged my leg while we talked a little more.

A little later, there was a knock at the front door. Roy jumped up and said, “That must be your surprise. I’ll go get it.” OK, now I was thinking, was my surprise a threesome? Or were we going to have sex with another couple tonight? All types of things ran through my mind. All of them quite enjoyable and stress relieving.

When Roy returned, he had a couple with him. She had on a very short mini skirt, and he had on nice slacks and a polo shirt. They were both very hot and gave me tingles. I assumed that we were going to be having sex with them. I liked my surprise.

Then I noticed the guy had a portable massage table with him. Roy introduced me to Sasha and Brett. That said that they were here to give me a long and relaxing massage. Now I was confused. But I love massages, so I smiled and said that it sounded great.

Brett setup the massage table and then Sasha helped me up from the couch. She then removed my robe and said, “You won’t be needing this.” Now I was standing totally nude in front of two strangers I did not know. This was feeling just a little awkward.

Brett helped me up onto the massage table and told me to lay face down. Once I got comfortable, Roy told me he was going to go sit on the couch and read while I enjoyed my massage.

Sasha moved to the front of my head and started to massage my temples. That was feeling very good. The view of her sexy legs was not bad either. I felt Brett rubbing warm massage oil on my shoulders and back. He then started to massage my shoulders and neck a little. Sasha told me to take a few slow deep breaths and relax, and to let the troubles of the day just wash away.

Once I was relaxed, the two of them moved to opposite sides of the massage table. Each of them took one of my hands and started to massage them. They slowly worked up my arms massaging every inch of them. Boy did that feel good. They then moved down to my feet and started to massage them. I’m not sure why, but that gave me some really good tingles.

They worked up my legs to just above my knees massaging and relaxing each muscle as they went along. I was very relaxed at this point. I then felt warm oil being dripped down my spine. It made me tense up a tiny bit but then immediately relaxed me.

Brett and Sasha rubbed the oil all over my back and started to massage my back and sides. This is what I call good pain. I was loving my massage. After fully massaging and relaxing my back they moved down to my thighs.

I could feel them dripping the warm massage oil on my thighs. I could feel some of the oil dripping down my inner thighs. That was giving me even more tingles. I was thinking, Roy and I were definitely going to be having sex tonight. I was starting to get a little horny.

I felt their hands rubbing the oil into my thighs and massaging them. They massaged the back and outside of both of my thighs first. They then moved to massaging the inside of my thighs. Now I was getting very turned on. They would massage and rub up my inner thighs almost to my pussy. Each time they got close, I wanted them to go all the way and start massaging my pussy to. But each time they got close, they started massaging back down my thighs. OK, this was building up some sexual tension big time. I was quickly moving from wanting sex to needing sex!

Brett and Sasha then moved up to massaging my lower back and butt. I could feel the warm massage oil dripping down the crack of my ass onto my pussy. It was driving me a little crazy. I spread my legs open a little trying to invite them in. They kept going back and forth between massaging my thighs and butt. It was feeling great. But I wanted more. I wanted much more.

Each time I felt one of their hands get close to my pussy I raised my hips a little and moaned. I wanted to make sure they knew it was OK to play with me. They continued the massage for about 20 minutes more, coming close to my pussy and asshole but never touching them. I was feeling more sexual tension than I could stand building up. I needed sex! I needed to be fucked!

I felt one of them moving their hand up the inside of my thigh. I was getting close to screaming. This time, I felt the hand actually make contact with my pussy. I moaned loudly and raised my hips. The next time the hand slid up my inner thigh it continued to my clit and started to massage it. I know the neighbors probably heard the moan I let out.

I did not know if it was Brett or Sasha finally playing with me. I really did not care. I felt the other one start to run their hand down the crack of my ass. They would lightly touch my asshole each time. This was causing extreme sexual tension to build up deep inside me.

I spread my legs a little wider. I felt a finger slowly penetrate my pussy. Then two fingers. From the fullness feeling I could tell that it was Brett finger-fucking me. Sasha was massaging my clit at the same time. I then felt her teasing my asshole with the other hand. She was playing with it very lightly. The sensations were feeling wonderful. I could then feel her sliding a finger into my ass. The two of them started to massage the area inside me between my pussy and rectum. I could feel their fingers massaging that area like they were playing finger games. That really drove me crazy.

They then told me it was time for me to turn over. I really did not want them to stop what they were doing to be honest. But I turned over and smiled at the two of them. They started to drip more massage oil all over the front of my body. Sasha started to massage my boobs while Brett massaged the front of my thighs and hips. OK, this was feeling really good to. But somebody better start fucking me soon before I explode. Nobody was leaving this place until I was fully sexually satisfied!

Brett slid his hand over my mound and started to massage it along with my clit. I spread my legs as wide as the table would let me. Sasha started to lightly caress my lower abdomen while Brett massaged my pussy. This was feeling more like it again.

I then felt someone massaging my temples again. I looked up and it was Roy. He smiled, bent over and gave me a kiss, and said, “Surprise.” He then told me to close my eyes and just enjoy.

Brett started to finger fuck my pussy again while Sasha played with my boobs. Roy continued to rub my temples. I then felt my legs being raised up and bent back towards my upper body. I looked down and saw a strap was being placed across each inner thigh near the knee. Both my legs were spread wide and were being held in place by the straps. I actually liked that I did not have to hold my legs up with my hands like I usually do.

I heard Brett doing something to the massage table. I looked down and saw that he was removing a part of it that my legs had been laying on. The section of the table removed from about halfway down my ass to my feet. I could feel my ass was partially hanging off the end of the table now. Brett and Roy adjusted the straps to raise my lower butt a tiny bit off the table. I felt very exposed and loved it.

Roy moved around to my lower body and bent over and started to eat my pussy. That got me moaning very loudly. He slid his tongue in and out of me and sucked on my clit. He would stop sucking from time to time and flick my clit with his tongue. That drove me close to orgasming each time he did it.

Brett started to suck on my boobs and kiss me while Roy was eating me. Roy then slid two fingers inside me and finger-fucked me while he was eating me. I saw Sasha going down below the lower end of the table. I then felt her finger start to tease my asshole. That was feeling fantastic. She then slid a finger deep into my asshole and started to finger-fuck it.

All of the sensations I was feeling were overwhelming to say the least. I was loving it but wanted more. The three of them continued to sexually pleasure me for a while more. Sasha then got out from under the table and went around to where my head was. Brett and Roy moved to each side of her and picked her up.

They lowered her onto my face straddling my head. I quickly started to eat her. I was enjoying it a lot. I loved hearing her moan and feel her body tremble.

I then felt one of the guys sliding his cock inside my pussy. He started to fuck me with nice long strokes. I gasped and started to moan again. My moaning seemed to cause Sasha to tremble even more.

After a few minutes, I felt lube being applied to my ass and being teased again. I felt them drawing tiny circles around it. Every now and then, I felt a finger slide inside and then back out to draw little circles around my asshole again. This felt great! I could feel my body starting to tremble.

I finally got a peek when Sasha raised up a second and could see that it was Brett fucking me and Roy playing with my ass. I then felt Brett bend my legs back just a little more and move up onto the table with me. He was kind of straddling me while driving his cock deep inside me. He was starting to fuck me with long hard strokes. Feeling his body pounding on my clit felt really good.

The position he was in above me, gave Roy better access to my ass. I felt a little pressure on it and then realized that Roy was sliding his cock into my ass. I gasped. He started to fuck my ass with short slow strokes. He slowly went in deeper and deeper. Once he was deep inside me, he started to fuck my ass with long strokes. Slow at first and then faster and faster.

I felt extremely full and loved feeling their cocks fucking me in both holes. The angle they were at, I could feel their cocks rubbing against each other and massaging the area between my pussy and rectum. That sensation was bringing on an orgasm very quickly.

I finally could not hold out anymore. I started to scream as my body tensed up. My entire body started to tremble uncontrollably. I was having a full body orgasm that went on and on for several minutes. Both the guys started to fuck me even harder. I then had another orgasm that was even stronger. I had no control over it. It was like the orgasm was possessing me. I was trembling and screaming in ecstasy. I was shaking wildly and could even feel tears flowing from my eyes. The feeling was overwhelming but amazing.

I felt both guys cocks throbbing and then felt both of them cumming inside me. That feeling caused me to start having little mini orgasms one after the other. I then realized I was neglecting Sasha and started to eat her again.

Both of the guys left their cocks inside me while I brought Sasha to orgasm. She started to moan and shake and finally let out a scream as she came. She then collapsed onto my body and just laid there trembling. The four of us just stayed in this position for several minutes. We were all breathing heavily.

Once we all recovered, the four of us went and took a quick shower together. I enjoyed exploring Sasha’s body while soaping and rinsing her off. Once we were all clean, we went back out and sat down on the couch to talk.

That’s when I found out that the massage was planned but the sex was not. I gave out my little oops submissive look. Brett then said, “Once we saw how horny you had gotten, I looked over at Roy and mouthed, “What should we do?” He then said that Roy mouthed back to do whatever we want.

Roy then said, “So, you, little Miss Danielle, brought on the sex all by yourself.” I gave Roy that submissive look and gave him a big hug and kiss. I then whispered in his ear, “Oops…”