My wife Danielle went out to meet her friend Jack. They were going to go to our favorite bar to play a few games of pool. I decided to stay home and catch up on some work that I really needed to get done.

Danielle had been gone for several hours when I get a text message from her. It read, “I’ll be home in about 20 minutes. Grab a quick shower and be naked when I get home.” Hmmm… This sounds interesting. I guess she got a little horny while shooting pool. She loves to flirt when she plays, so I figured she must have gotten to flirt quite a bit tonight.

I hopped in the shower and got all cleaned up. I then went into the living room and sat down in my chair and reclined it just a bit.

I heard Danielle unlocking the door. She then opened the door, and Sandy, the bartender, came walking through the door in front of Danielle. OK, this is a little embarrassing, I’m sitting here naked expecting just Danielle.

She walked straight over to me and climbed on my lap and straddled me. She put her arms around me and said, “I won you at pool tonight.” I bet my eyes got the size of baseballs when she said that. I looked at Danielle and she said, “Oh, I scratched on the eight ball, and you were what I wagered. The bet was, if I won, Sandy would have sex with me on the pool table. If she won, she got to come home with me and have all the sex she wanted with you.”

“Oh, Roy, Sandy is coming home with me. Did I forget to mention that?”

I felt Sandy’s hand move down to my cock and start rubbing it. She then started playing with herself. She moved back and forth between playing with me and her pussy. This was not too bad. I thought, at least Danielle lost the bet to a very sexy girl.

Danielle said, “Sandy, let’s take Roy into the bedroom. You can have a lot more fun with him there.”

Sandy stood up and took my hand. The two girls then led me into the bedroom. It was still a little awkward since both of them where fully dressed and I was naked.

Danielle told me to get up in the bed and to do whatever Sandy wanted. Hmmm…. I guess I don’t get any say in this tonight. Oh, well, I might as well just enjoy it. Like I wasn’t already enjoying it anyway.

I got in the bed and propped my pillow against the headboard and laid back.

Danielle and Sandy started kissing and groping each other while standing at the side of the bed. They both started undressing each other very sensually.

Now I see what is going on. Danielle deliberately scratched on the eight ball.

After the two of them were nude, they both got in the bed with me. I had two sexy naked ladies in bed with me. One on each side. They were both caressing my body and I was loving it.

Danielle told me to slide down some. When I did, she sat down on my face so I could eat her pussy. Sandy moved between my legs and started giving me a blowjob. Now, I could do this all night.

After a while, Sandy straddled my hips and took my cock inside her very wet pussy. She started pumping up and down on it while she kissed Danielle. I could taste that Danielle was getting very wet.

I guess Danielle and Sandy were in sync as they both had an orgasm at the same time. I really liked feeling two girls trembling at the same time.

Danielle got off my face and moved so she could kiss me while Sandy was still riding my cock.

Sandy said, “Roy, I want you to fuck my throat.” She got off my cock and laid down on the bed. Danielle folded a pillow and placed it under Sandy’s neck to tilt her head back. She then moved down between Sandy’s legs and started to eat her. Sandy started moaning and raising her hips slightly.

I moved to the top of Sandy’s head and inserted my cock into her mouth. I started slowly fucking her mouth and could feel her sucking on my cock. This was a very enjoyable feeling. I could also see Danielle eating her out. I liked watching that.

Sandy really seemed to be enjoying what we were doing to her. So, I started to push my cock deeper into her mouth. I could feel her starting to gag just a little, so I started moving in and out a little slower. She reached around and grabbed my ass and pulled me into her.

At this point I could tell that she wanted me to fuck her throat as deep as I could. I started fucking her throat harder and deeper. I could see her throat bulge on each in stroke. That was a big turn on for me.

Danielle moved up and started kissing and nibbling on Sandy’s neck. It was like she was trying to kiss my cock through Sandy’s neck.

Danielle was fingering Sandy while she was kissing her neck. Sandy started to moan and breathe very heavily. I almost shot my load down her throat because it felt so good. The vibrations of her moaning combined with the tightness of her throat was sending me to the edge of no return.

I wanted this threesome to last longer so I slowed down my thrusting. Danielle moved up and started kissing me while straddling Sandy’s upper body.

I whispered in Danielle’s ear, “You lost deliberately, didn’t you?” She responded, “What do you think?” She then started French kissing me very passionately. I think she did that just to shut me up.

I continued to fuck Sandy’s throat while kissing Danielle. I knew I would not last much longer.

Sandy apparently could feel my cock starting to throb in her throat. She grabbed my ass to keep my cock deep in her throat. Danielle intensified her kissing and held me tight in her arms.

At that moment, I was past the point of no return and shot my load deep into Sandy’s throat. I actually started to moan loudly and shake. My orgasm lasted much longer than it normally does. It felt great!

After my cock quit throbbing, Sandy released her death grip on my ass and let me pull out.

The three of us collapsed into each other’s arms and just laid there cuddling until we fell asleep.

The next morning the three of us got up and Sandy insisted on cooking breakfast for us. She was actually a pretty good cook. She made everyone French toast and sausage.

After breakfast, Danielle walked Sandy home. I hopped in the shower and started reliving last night in my thoughts. I really had a great time.

Oh, Danielle never did tell me if she deliberately scratched on the eight ball or not.