I was talking to one of my girlfriends on the phone today. We were both talking about how bad our day had been and that we both needed to find a way to wind down and just relax.

I told her how I like to take a nice hot bath, read and work on some of my crafts. I also told her that Roy would be home shortly so, I would not have time to wind down alone. She laughed and said that the way she wanted to wind down was to be taken by a man and the two of them have sex for hours.

That got me thinking. I told her that I know of a way that we both can get what we want tonight. I then offered to loan Roy to her for the night. She laughed and giggled a little like I was joking. I then told her that I was serious and if she wanted, I would loan her Roy. She’s always liked Roy and has had her eyes on him for some time now.

She paused and asked me if I was really serious. I told her that I was. I then asked her what time she wanted me to send him over. She thought about it and said that the sooner the better.

When Roy got home, I told him to take a quick shower. He, of course, thought I was horny. Usually, I am. When he got out of the shower, I told him to get dressed and that my friend was expecting him soon. He looked puzzled.

I then told him that I had loaned him to her for the night and that he better make her orgasm as many times as she wants. He still looked puzzled so, I had too shew him out the door and on his way.

Now my friend and I had exactly what we wanted tonight. We both get to relax and just enjoy things. Roy better do her really good tonight.