It was my birthday and my husband Roy told me he had a very special surprise for me. But I had to do exactly as he said without asking any questions. To say the least, I am a little nervous about this. I agreed and immediately started to have second thoughts. What the hell did I just agree too?

He told me to go take a nice hot bath while he made us a drink. When I went into the bathroom, I saw that my bath was already drawn and there were lit red candles in the bathroom around the tub. There were even rose petals floating in the water. Maybe I really had nothing to worry about.

I got in the tub and was enjoying the candlelight and warm water. Roy brought a drink to me and sat it down on the side of the bathtub. He even turned on some slow romantic music. I was really liking this.

Roy then surprised me again with some chocolates. He even hand-fed them to me. OK, I was starting to get a little sexually excited now. OK, I was getting downright horny!

After I finished my bath, Roy helped me to dry off and told me to follow him to the bedroom. I told him that I was really liking my birthday surprise. He said, “Your birthday surprise hasn’t even started yet.” Well, that made my nerves come back a little. What did he have planned?

Roy led me into the bedroom. The lights were dim and red candles were placed around the room. The flickering candlelight was getting me even more in the mood for sex.

He had me lay down on the bed face up with my arms out to the side and above my head. He also had me close my legs. Now that was different.

Roy tied my wrists to the top corners of the bed. Ahhh, I actually enjoy a little bondage from time to time. He tied my ankles together and then tied them to the foot of the bed. I’m not understanding that at all. He usually ties me down spread eagle so he can have his way with me.

At this point I was blindfolded, and headphones were placed over my ears. The headphones were playing soft romantic music. This was nice. I didn’t understand exactly what was going to happen, but it was relaxing and exciting at the same time.

I then noticed that the music had embedded binaural beats in it. We have used them before to enhance orgasm. Now I started to figure out what Roy had planned. This was going to be enjoyable.

He started rubbing lotion all over my body. He knows I love it when he does that. This is a nice birthday surprise.

I then noticed that there were four hands rubbing lotion on me. I tensed up a little and started to get a little nervous. I could not hear or see who the other person was. Was it another guy or a girl? It was turning me on though.

I was very relaxed and sexually turned on when I noticed a third set of hands touching me. I then realized my birthday surprise was not at all what I thought it was going to be.

I felt my ankles being untied and my legs being spread apart. My ankles were then bound to the corners of the bed. I was lying on the bed totally nude, tied spread eagle and had no idea who was in the room.

I felt multiple hands caressing both of my inner thighs. When one hand grazed my pussy, another hand was right behind it. I was now so sexually excited I wanted to be fucked and fucked hard!

The hands continued to caress my inner thighs and lightly touch my pussy to the point I was about to explode. This was becoming sexual torture. I shouted out, “Someone please fuck me!” The caressing continued until my legs started trembling. I don’t think I have ever wanted to be fucked so bad!

Someone moved between my legs and started licking and eating my pussy. It was exciting me big time. I had no idea who it was and if they were male or female. This sent me climbing the walls with sexual tension.

After a while I realized that there where at least six people in the room touching and caressing my body. I actually lost count and no longer cared. I was enjoying all of the attention.

Someone straddled my face and I then realized it was a girl. I could smell that she was sexually excited like I was. I began to eat her pussy. I could feel her trembling a bit, so I know she was enjoying it as much as I was.

I had a girl sitting on my face, someone eating my pussy, two people massaging my legs and feet, someone caressing my stomach very lightly and someone playing with my tits. I also sensed that there were more people in the room. I totally lost count of how many people were giving me pleasure.

I just let go and started to orgasm. My body started trembling and I just let the sensations flow. Everyone was being so gentle with me. I loved it.

My legs were then untied. But my arms where still bound. I felt someone penetrate me. I knew it was not my husband because I know exactly how he feels when he is inside me. I was getting very turned on by this.

The guy that was fucking me brought me to my second orgasm of the night. I could feel him throbbing deep inside me. When he went to cum, he pulled out and I could feel his warm cum all over my stomach and chest.

A second guy started to fuck me. He was a little bigger than the first guy. I loved feeling the fullness of him going in and out of me. When he pulled out, he came all over me too. The warmth of his cum felt nice. Someone then cleaned me up a little and untied my hands.

Two of the people in the room picked me up while keeping my legs spread apart. They lowered me down onto a guy’s cock that was even bigger than the previous one. This guy was to say the least, well hung. I had never felt this full before. It made me gasp at times but felt very good.

I started riding his huge cock and started to get close to another orgasm when I felt someone lightly stimulating my ass. It was a very exciting feeling. A finger was then slid into my ass and was being moved in and out. I was getting extremely sexually aroused.

I could feel the guy applying lube to my ass. At that point he penetrated my ass with his cock. The fullness feeling of having a huge cock in my pussy and another cock in my ass was driving me sexually crazy.

They both were fucking me at the same time. I had one of the biggest and longest orgasms I have ever had. I did not know how much more I could physically take. I was getting exhausted but did not want the evening to end.

I lost count of how many guys fucked me that night. I also did not care at this point. It was so enjoyable and taboo.

I thought the night was over, when another person started having sex with me. This time it was the girl. We played with each other for what seemed to be at least an hour. We gave each other multiple orgasms. I enjoyed the rougher sex with the guys but also the gentle sex with another woman.

I was an extremely sexually satisfied girl. I loved my birthday surprise. I laid on the bed totally exhausted. I was still blindfolded and still had the headphones on. I guess I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning with a big smile on my face.

I never knew how many people were having sex with me or who they were. Roy just smiles at me when I ask him anything about my birthday night.

Were they friends? Were they strangers? I may never know. What I do know, is that I had the best birthday surprise I could ever have. I want to do it again. Hmmm… what is the next holiday coming up?