A couple we sexually play with on occasion invited us to their private swingers party. They told us that they were trying something new and that they were going to have nude human buffet tables. I have heard of them, but I have never seen one. It sounded very interesting. Roy and I decided to except the invite and attend their party.

We both got dressed very sexy and headed out to the party. When we arrived, the first thing I did was to ask where the nude buffet tables were. I was very curious to see how they were set up. Lauren and Henry, the party hosts said that two of them were setup out by the pool and the other two were setup in the orgy room.

I thanked them and then made a bee line to the swimming pool. I could hear Roy shouting, “Are you going to wait for me?” I just ignored him and figured he would eventually catch up.

When I got to the pool area, I saw that they had the two nude buffet tables setup on opposite sides of the pool. One was male and one was female. I thought to myself, which one should I go check out first. I decided to go over to the female buffet table first.

The finger food she had on her body looked really tasty. But she was very sexy and looked even tastier. I was expecting the people to be laying on a regular table with their legs straight out and their arms to their sides.

These tables where different. The legs of the person were spread wide. Basically, their lower body was spread eagle. The bottom of the table was V shaped. You could walk in between their legs. She had her hands behind her head and looked very comfortable. She also looked very exposed. She had a really nice-looking pussy that gave me a tingle each time I glanced at it. I guess you could say they were nude buffet tables, swinger style.

I decided that I wanted a cracker and a piece of cheese that was laying on her torso, just below her left boob. Instead of just picking it up, I decided to bend over and take each of the pieces off of her using my mouth. I bent over a third time like I was going to take another snack off of her but sucked on her nipple for a few seconds. I just could not resist them. She did not seem to mind at all.

Roy brought me a drink and asked me what her nipple tasted like. I guess he saw what I did. Oops… Roy said that he saw a single girl that was very cute, and he was going to go flirt with her. I told him that I was going to go around and check out the other three nude buffet tables. He grabbed my ass and said, “Have fun.”

I walked over to the other side of the swimming pool to check the male nude buffet table next. As I was walking towards him, I could see he had a well-built body. He definitely spends a lot of time in the gym. When I got up to the table, I looked him up and down like I was buying him at an auction. He gave me some nice tingles down below just looking at him.

I looked over all the tasty morsels that were laying on his body. I saw a piece of chocolate just below his belly button. I decided to move around between his legs to get my treat. I bent over and let my hair brush against his cock and inner thighs as I took the piece of chocolate off of him with my mouth. Of course, I had to lick up from the base of his cock to the place the piece of chocolate was first. He then said, “You missed a spot.” I smiled, bent back over and licked the shaft of his cock up to the head. I stood back up and smiled at him. I then decided to go check out the other two nude buffet tables that were in the orgy room.

As I walked away, I slid my nails down the inside of his thigh. I heard him take a deep breath as I did that. I went back inside the house and went downstairs where the orgy room was. It was early and several couples were already having group sex. The sounds of the moans were turning me on a little. I then looked around and spotted the two nude buffet tables. They were setup at the foot of the main orgy bed.

I saw that they had a female and male nude buffet table in here, too. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to check out the girl or the guy first. I finally decided to check out the guy first, since I checked out the girl first by the pool. I walked over to the guy to see what he had to offer.

I saw that he had some pineapple rings on his torso. I decided to get a little creative and picked one up like I was going to eat it. I then lifted his cock up and slid it on like a cock ring. He looked a little surprised about what I just did.

I moved between his legs and bent over. I then grabbed his cock and started to nibble on the pineapple ring. I felt his cock starting to get hard. I started to stroke it while I finished eating the pineapple ring from around the base of his now fully erect cock.

After I finished the pineapple, I quickly deep throated him for just a second. I felt his body tense up and heard him moan a little loudly. I do believe I surprised him. I ran my fingers down the insides of both his thighs as I backed up from between his legs. I walked around to his side and gave him a little kiss on the lips. I told him thank you for the little snack and walked away.

I walked over to the female nude buffet table to see what she had to offer. This girl was very pretty and had a very sexy body. She turned me on and got me tingling down below a little more than usual. I had to reach down and play with myself a little while looking at her.

I noticed she had several chocolates on her that were starting to melt from her body heat. I decided that I had to help her out. I picked up one of the melting chocolates and licked up what had melted on her just below her belly button.

I then took the chocolate and rubbed it on the hood of her clit. She tensed up a bit and let out a little moan. I then licked off the melting chocolate from her clit. She moved her hips up a little like she wanted more. So, I kept rubbing the chocolate on her clit and licking and sucking it off.

I could see her clit starting to swell. She started breathing deeply as I repeatedly rubbed the chocolate on her clit and licked it off. I decided to insert one of my fingers up inside her pussy. She moaned a little louder. I finger-fucked her while I was sucking on her clit. She was starting to move around so much that the chocolates and other snacks on her started falling off of her body.

She raised up off the table a little and looked down at me eating her. When we made eye contact, she said, “Let’s move to the bed.” I helped her down off the table and started to lead her over to the bed in the orgy room. I stopped and told her that my husband Roy would love to join us. She said, “Let’s go find him then. I love threesomes.”

We started walking around the party to find Roy. If this had been anywhere else besides a swingers party, I’m sure we would have gotten some strange looks. I was leading around a naked girl with melted chocolate all over her.

We finally found Roy in the kitchen getting a drink. I went to introduce him to my new friend and realized I did not know her name. I looked at her and said, “If we are going to give each other really good orgasms, I think we should at least know each other’s names.” Roy smiled and said, “Oh, Danielle, meet Naomi.” I was very puzzled for a minute but soon realized this was the girl he was flirting with.

We then asked Roy if he would be interested in joining the two of us for a threesome. Roy then said, “Depends. Are the two of you any good?” Naomi and I looked at each other and smirked. Roy then laughed a little and said, he would love to. We almost left him there and just had some girl-on-girl fun. But we decided it would be nice to have a cock to play with.

The three of us decided to have our threesome in the orgy room and see where it goes from there. We may decide we need more hands or cocks. Who knows? The three of us headed to the orgy room. We took a quick little detour so Roy and I could get naked and secure our clothes. We then went inside the orgy room and took a quick look around.

There were only three other couples in the main orgy bed, so there was plenty of room for us. Roy picked up Naomi and tossed her onto the bed. She let out a little squeal when he did that. She smiled, and then motioned for us to join her.

Roy spread her legs and went down on her before I could. So, I decided to lick all of the chocolate off of her. Roy had her moaning pretty quickly. She was moving her hips up and down a little while he ate her.

I decided to straddle her face so she could eat me while I was watching Roy eat her. I felt her swirling her tongue around my opening and darting it in and out of me from time to time. The vibrations from her moaning and eating me at the same time felt really good. While she was doing that, I moved one of my hands down to my clit and started to rub it. It didn’t take long until I started to moan with her.

After a few minutes I made eye contact with Roy and looked at her pussy and back to Roy a few times. He knew exactly what I was wanting. He sat up and moved around to her side so I could move down between her legs and eat her for a while.

When I started to eat her pussy, I could tell she was already very wet and turned on. I loved tasting her. I slid one of my fingers inside her and started to draw little circles around her G-spot. She started to move her hips more and moan louder. I was apparently hitting the spot.

Roy moved around to behind her head and tilted it back. He placed a small pillow under her neck to make it comfortable for her. He then slid his cock into her mouth and started to fuck it. She started to move her hips more, so I knew she was enjoying what Roy was doing.

Naomi reached up and grabbed Roy’s hips and pulled him deep into her throat. Roy gasped and let out a moan. That turned me on and made me tingle even more. I was just wishing that I had someone eating me right now. I guess Roy knew what I was thinking. He motioned at one of the single guys that were standing near the bed to come join us.

He moved behind me and placed a few pillows under my hips to raise my butt up in the air at about doggy style height. I felt him spread my legs apart and then felt him starting to eat me. I tensed up for a second and let out a very loud moan.

The four of us continued like this for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. It was feeling wonderful and driving me close to orgasm. I could tell from Naomi’s actions that she was getting close to cumming too.

I motioned for Roy to turn Naomi around, so her head was below mine. Once she was in position, I started to kiss her a little. Roy pulled her legs up and slid his cock inside her very wet pussy that I was sharing with him. I looked back at the guy that was eating me and told him to fuck me. I was hoping that he could hear me. He did. He got up on his knees and slid his cock deep into me. I gasped vocally, it felt good to feel him inside me.

He placed his hands on my hips and started to fuck me with his long cock. I had to tilt my hips up just a little more so it could slide behind my cervix and not hit it. It felt amazing as it went in and out of me.

Roy had bent Naomi’s legs way back and placed them on his shoulders. He was starting to fuck her hard. Naomi and I were both moaning loudly and starting to cum. We tried to kiss each other but all we could do is place our lips together in an open position while we moaned.

Naomi and I both started to tremble. I was glad I still had the pillows under my hips to help support me. I felt the guy’s cock that was inside me throbbing. That combined with his length was driving me over the top. I reached back and started to play with my clit. That brought me over the top and I had a full body orgasm. I could not stop shaking. Each time he thrust deep inside me; I had another small orgasm.

Naomi wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me tight as she orgasmed. Roy was still fucking her, and it was causing her to have one orgasm after another. We held each other tight while the guys continued to fuck us.

I felt the guy cumming inside me and that brought on another orgasm. I was not sure I could take any more. I was sexually spent.

I could see in Roy’s face that he was finally cumming. Naomi tensed up and squeezed me even tighter as Roy came inside her. Once he was finished, her body went limp.

Naomi and I just laid there holding each other for several minutes. We were both breathing heavily. Roy and the guy caressed our pussies very gently as we recovered from the wonderful sexual experience, we all just had.

While laying their recovering, I decided that I wanted to be a nude buffet table at a swingers party sometime in the future. Maybe I can get Gavin to let me be one at one of his parties? I’ll have to bring up the idea to him the next time I chat with him. I fantasized while lying there about what everyone at the party could do to me while I was the nude buffet table. That made me become very horny again.