Roy and I decided to go to the beach this evening. Storms were moving into the area but decided to go anyway. Storms coming in off the ocean are always interesting to watch.

I was trying to decide what bathing suit to wear. I have a super tiny thong bikini I bought last year but have been a little too self-conscious to wear out in public. I thought, with the storms rolling in the beach is not going to have many people at it. So, I decided to put on the tiny bikini so I could start getting used to wearing it without being self-conscious.

We headed down to the beach and parked the car. We walked across to the beach and put our towels down in a deserted area of the beach. You could see the storms off in the distance. It was an amazing sight to watch.

After we had been sitting on the beach for a bit, we saw a very pretty blonde female lifeguard walking down the beach. As she got closer, I could see that Roy was taking a strong interest in her.

She was wearing a red one-piece bathing suit that was actually very skimpy and revealing. It was very low cut in the back and was a thong. It really showed off her sexy little ass well. Female lifeguard swimsuits seem to be getting smaller and smaller these days. I’m sure Roy had no problem with that.

She approached us and said hi. There was no one else on the beach as far as we could see. It was just the three of us. We started chatting and talking about how the beach was so relaxing.

She sat down with us and the three of us watched the approaching storms together. I looked at Roy and could see that he was sexually attracted to her as he was getting a little bit of a bulge in his bathing suit.

I started thinking and realized we never introduced ourselves. I told her my name was Danielle and this was my husband, Roy. She introduced herself back and said that her name was Stormy. I thought, we are sitting on the beach watching storms with a girl named Stormy. That was a little odd. But it was kind of sexy at the same time.

When the storms started getting too close, we decided it would be best to pack up and head home. Stormy said that she had an idea. Why don’t the two of us come back to her lifeguard tower to watch the storms as they rolled in. We agreed and headed to her lifeguard tower.

I was walking with Stormy, and Roy was behind us. I’m sure he was staying back a bit to enjoy the view.

When we got to the lifeguard tower, we walked up the ramp and went inside. From the tower you could see the beach and ocean very well. The tower had a tall chair in the middle where the lifeguard would sit to watch the beach and ocean. It was wide enough for two people to sit comfortably.

Stormy told us to have a seat. Roy offered his seat to her, but she said no thank you. She had to radio into the lifeguard office to check in.

Roy and I climbed up into the chair and started watching the storms as they got closer. When Stormy got off the radio she said that they closed the beach, and she was now officially off duty.

She came over to the side of the chair where I was sitting and whispered in my ear. She said, “Would you or Roy mind if I sat in his lap?” Oh boy, she does not know Roy. I told her that I don’t think he would object.

She then climbed up in the chair with us and nestled down on Roy’s lap. She even did a little wiggle in his lap to supposedly get comfortable. Roy’s eyes got a little big and I could see he was biting his lower lip. It was apparently making him hard. He took a deep breath and then placed his arms around her.

The three of us sat there watching the light show the storm was giving us. It was powerful and beautiful at the same time.

To be honest, I was sexually attracted to our little blond lifeguard also. Just seeing her in Roy’s lap was turning me on.

At that moment I noticed that my hand was on her thigh lightly caressing it. I don’t know when I even placed it there. She did not seem to mind, so I continued to caress her thigh.

Roy had one of her breasts cupped with one hand and the other hand was on her lower stomach. I guess both of us were thinking the same thing. Hopefully she was too.

I then moved my hand to the inside of her thigh and started inching closer to her pussy with my caressing. When I got close to her pussy, Stormy opened her thighs a bit. I continued caressing her inner thigh.

I could see that Stormy was starting to breathe heavily. So, I let my hand graze her pussy each time I stroked her thigh. After a little while Stormy spread her legs much wider and put one of her legs over mine.

Roy lowered the top of her bathing suit to expose her breasts. They were firm and her nipples were hard. She then laid her head back on Roy’s shoulder and closed her eyes.

I took my fingers and moved them under her bathing suit and started to massage her pussy. She was already a little wet. When I did this, she started to moan very quietly.

I wiggled out from under her leg and climbed down off the chair. I moved around in front of her and slowly removed her bathing suit. I removed mine as well.

Roy gave a big smile and started kissing the side of her neck. Stormy’s moans of ecstasy got a little louder. I knelt down and started eating her pussy. It was dripping wet and tasted sweet.

Roy was cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples. She seemed to like a little pain with her pleasure. Each time Roy pinched her nipples, she would gasp and moan.

Her body started trembling and her moans were getting much louder. Stormy then had a strong orgasm at the same time a loud clap of thunder happened. The lightning strike lit up the inside of the lifeguard tower.

After she recovered, she climbed down and wrapped her arms around me. She started kissing me very softly. Stormy motioned for me to get back up in the chair.

Roy climbed down from the chair and I climbed up and moved my hips to the edge of the chair. I spread my legs wide and laid them across the arms of the chair. I did not realize I could spread them that wide. It exposed my pussy to Stormy very well.

Stormy started playing with my pussy and sliding her fingers in and out of me. I laid back and relaxed. It felt good and was sexually exciting me.

Stormy stared sucking on my clit as she finger-fucked me. I was getting wetter and wetter. I started to breathe much deeper at this point.

Roy had moved around so he was behind Stormy. He was caressing her hips and rubbing her lower back. I could see that Roy had a very strong erection and very turned on by what was happening.

Roy started fucking her from behind as she was pleasuring me. She started moaning again. The vibrations from her moaning while sucking on my clit felt really good.

I started to feel much more fullness in my pussy. I could feel that she had three fingers inside me now. She continued to fuck me with her fingers as I melted into the lifeguard chair.

Both of us were starting to moan in unison. Our vibes were starting to mesh. This relaxed me more and at the same time intensified what I was feeling.

I could feel that she now had all four fingers inside me. I told her that I wanted more. She then added the thumb and was moving her hand in and out of me up to her knuckles. It was feeling nice. I started to tremble a bit.

I was getting so sexually excited I asked her to go deeper. After a few minutes I could tell from the fullness feeling that she had her entire hand deep inside me. It was making my eyes roll back into my head it felt so good.

This was turning out to be a great day at the beach. I could see that Roy was getting close to having an orgasm. That turned me on even more.

The three of us started moaning in unison as we approached orgasm. The three of us started trembling more and more until it happened. The three of us orgasmed at the same time. The feeling can’t be explained. It felt out of this world or at least out of our heads.

We ended up collapsing into each other’s arms and laid on the floor together for what felt like an hour.

After we all recovered from one hell of a threesome, we got dressed. We talked for a bit and then parted ways. The storms had past, and the sun was shining. What a fitting way to end a sexual adventure that none of us will soon forget.

I’m really not sure who seduced who. Did we seduce the hot little lifeguard? Or did she seduce the two of us?

Later that week we returned to the beach and decided to stop by the lifeguard tower to say hi to Stormy.

When we got to the tower a different girl was there. We asked her when Stormy worked. She looked very puzzled and said that they did not have a lifeguard named Stormy.

We described her and the lifeguard said that they did not have any lifeguards that met that description. Hmmm…

We looked at each other very puzzled. I think we now know who seduced who. Who was this little blonde named Stormy?