We had just finished dinner and I went to take a nice tub bath. Roy brought me a drink while I was soaking and reading an erotic story. The tingles started to set in, and I was starting to get sexually excited.

When I was ready to get out of the tub, Roy dried me off and rubbed my shoulders a bit. That was very relaxing and felt good.

I asked Roy if he what he wanted to do to me now that I am clean and naked. I smiled at him and bit my lower lip in a very seductive way.

Roy said, “You will soon find out, Danielle.” Roy took my hand and told me he had a surprise for me. He said that he remodeled the bedroom just a little. He led me to the bedroom. The lights were low, the room had a nice smell to it and soft romantic music was playing.

I then saw what he said was a little remodeling. He had put mirrors on all the walls and on the ceiling. I looked at him with a mild look of disbelief. He told me that I would soon understand why he added all the mirrors.

I climbed up onto the bed. I was on all fours when Roy grabbed my hips and buried his face in my pussy and ass. It startled me for a second, but his tongue and lips felt really good. So, I shifted my ass up a little to give him better access.

Roy then told me to lie down in the middle of the bed and relax. He tied my hands to the top corners of the bed and then put a blindfold on me. I asked him, “If you’re blindfolding me, why the mirrors?” He said that I would soon find out. This made me a little nervous. I could not figure out what he was up to.

Roy said he would be right back and for me to just relax and enjoy the soft music. I could hear him leaving the bedroom. Now I got even more nervous. I know when Roy is up to something.

After about 10 minutes, I head the bedroom door open. I could sense that something was up. I just was not sure what was about to happen.

I knew that Roy was not alone. I could sense that someone else came in the room with him.

I felt someone climbing up onto the bed to my right. I then felt them massaging and sucking on my right breast. It felt good but I was feeling a little anxious. It did not feel like Roy. I had no idea who it was.

I then felt the bed move to my left and then felt someone massaging and sucking on my left breast. I knew this was not Roy either.

The two people playing with my breasts where being very gentle and both had a light touch.

After a few minutes, I felt more movement on the bed. What was Roy up to? I then felt both of my legs being spread wide. I could not tell if one person was spreading my legs or two.

I felt the insides of both my thighs being caressed very gently. It was very soothing and got me very sexually excited.

Someone then started eating my pussy very gently. I had no idea what was going on, but I was definitely enjoying it. I was starting to let out a few little moans.

I felt my blindfold being pulled up to my forehead. I could see in the mirrors that there were five very hot looking girls playing with me. I could also see Roy standing at the edge of the bed holding my blindfold. He was smiling at me and asked if I understood the mirrors yet? I smiled back and said, “Oh yes, I get it now.”

Roy bent over and started kissing me while the five girls were pleasuring me sexually. I was feeling extremely turned on.

One of the girls moved to an empty spot on the bed and motioned Roy to join her. She and Roy started to have sex. I could see them in the mirrors and enjoyed watching the two of them. I laid back and watched the girls having their way with me and Roy fucking another girl.

The girl that was eating me sat up and put on a strap-on. Two of the other girls lifted my legs into the air and braced them. The one wearing the strap-on slid it deep inside me. It was a little large but once I relaxed, it felt wonderful going in and out of my pussy.

I was watching the strap-on going in and out of me in the mirror. That was a big turn on. I had never seen myself getting fucked from that angle. I liked it.

I could feel an orgasm coming on. It was building up and I could tell it was going to be a strong one.

The two girls playing with my breasts, reached over to the bedside tables and grabbed some lit candles. They started dripping the hot candle wax on my breasts and down my stomach. It hurt just a little at first. Once I relaxed, the hot candle wax felt great and was bringing me close to orgasm.

They moved the candles down to my pussy and started dripping the hot wax on my mound and down my inner thighs. That sent me through the roof. I had a very explosive orgasm that lasted several minutes. I was feeling pure ecstasy.

The girls started to caress my body as I laid there trembling from the orgasm. It felt good and I was enjoying the afterglow moment.

I could hear the girl Roy was fucking starting to scream. Roy had brought her to orgasm. I watched the two of them in the mirror as she came over and over.

I could see that Roy had laid down on top of her and held her as she continued to have small orgasms. I guess you could call them aftershocks.

After I was pretty much recovered, Roy and one of the girls untied my hands. Another girl told me to turn over. I thought that I was going to get a nice back rub. Nope! I felt two of the girls raising my hips off the bed and putting a wedge under my hips to keep my butt high in the air exposing both my pussy and ass.

Two of them then tied my hands back to the corners of the bed. They also tied my feet to the corners of the bed with my legs wide apart. I was lying there fully spread eagle.

I could see Roy in the mirror on the wall, and he had turned the girl he was fucking over and was fucking her from behind. When he raised up a little, I could see he was having anal sex with her. She was starting to moan again and was grabbing the sheets with both hands very tight. I could see that she was enjoying having Roy taking her anally.

I then felt one of the girls lubing up my pussy. She started finger fucking me. I felt another hand massaging my clit. I was getting very sexually excited once again.

The girl that was finger fucking me removed her fingers and applied more lube to her entire hand. She then slid four fingers inside my pussy. It felt really good. I could also watch her in the mirrors on the wall going in and out of me. This is the first time I have really been able to watch myself being pleasured sexually. Surprisingly, it was a turn-on.

One of the other girls started to caress the small of my back and butt cheeks. It was relaxing me and opening me up more. The girl was then able to insert all five fingers inside me. She slid them in and out up to her knuckles.

After a little while, she was able to slide inside me past her knuckles and fist me. The fullness felt great and was bringing me closer to orgasm. I could see her entire hand inside me through the wall mirror reflecting the mirrors on the ceiling. It was very sexually exciting to watch myself being fisted.

After a few minutes I felt lube dripping down the crack of my ass. One of the girls started massaging my asshole very gently. The sensation was exciting me even more.

I felt a slight pressure on my ass and felt it relaxing. She then slid a finger inside and started to slide it in and out very slowly. WOW! Is all I could say to myself. This was feeling very good.

I was watching Roy have anal sex with a very sexy girl and watching myself get double penetrated by two more girls. The other two girls were caressing my back and inner thighs. This was turning into a wonderful sexual experience.

I felt my asshole being stretched a little wider open. I looked in the mirror and could see she had two fingers going in and out of me. It made me tremble a bit. It was like I was having mini orgasms leading up to the big one.

She slowly built up until she had three fingers deep inside my ass. The two girls started to caress the inside of my pussy and ass as if touching each other’s fingers. This was a strange feeling, but it was very enjoyable. The amount of fullness I was feeling was incredible. I loved it.

The one playing with my clit started to move her fingers faster and faster. I started to become very vocal, and my entire body started to tremble. The girls brought me to one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had. I was having multiple orgasms one after the other. I did not know how much more I could take, but I did not want it to end.

I watched Roy in the mirrors as he pulled out of the girl and shot his load all over her back. She was lying there trembling and glistening with sweat. Seeing this brought me to another major orgasm.

That was it. I could not physically take anymore, even though I wanted to continue. The four girls untied me, and we all cuddled up together and just basked in the afterglow of a wonderful night of sex.