Danielle has the hots for one of my friends. You can easily tell because she always looks at him very seductively. I’m not sure she even knows that she is doing it.

She always finds a way to sit close to him and touch him. Whenever she sees him, she always gives him an extra-long hug.

Another sure giveaway is that Danielle always wants sex shortly after he leaves. When we get in the bedroom she is already wet and turned on. Basically, no foreplay needed.

So, I decided to talk to Peter to see if he would be interested in having sex with Danielle. Peter and I were out having a drink and I decided to bring up the subject.

I told him how Danielle had the hots for him and every time the three of us got together that she was basically undressing him and having sex with him in her mind. He blushed a bit and really did not know how to respond to that statement. I then told him that the sex Danielle and I have after he leaves was really good. Peter just smiled as he did not know how to respond to what I just told him.

I then just bluntly asked Peter if he would be interested in having sex with Danielle. He did say that he had always been interested in her sexually, but would never pursue it out of respect for the two of us.

I told him that I would not have a problem with him and Danielle having sex. I also told him that I know she would be excited about it.

He asked a few times if I would be OK with it. I told him that we have a semi-open relationship and that the two of us go to swingers clubs and parties often. So, both of us have sex with others on a regular basis.

After telling him that both of us have sex with others he warmed up to the idea a lot more. So, we talked about how to set it up to surprise Danielle. I could tell that he was nervous about it, but excited like we were planning his first date with a sexy female.

After we decided on how to surprise Danielle, we had another drink and then called it a night. I went home and found Danielle reading a book. I kissed her and told her that I missed her. I never mentioned to her who I went to the bar with or what Peter and I had planned.

The next week I asked Danielle if she would like to go out for a few drinks and maybe shoot a game or two of pool. She had the next day off and said that it sounded fun. I asked her if she was in the mood to pick up someone at the bar and bring them back home for a threesome. She said that we had not done that in a while and sounded good to her.

I put on a nice pair of black slacks and a red dress shirt. Danielle put on a very sexy mini skirt and a half top shirt that really looked good on her. She put on some swingers jewelry that she wears as conversation starters with strangers. The jewelry works well with letting others know we are looking for a threesome.

I called a ride share to pick us up since Danielle decided to put on some high heels. The bar we were going to is just too far to walk in heels.

The driver picked us up and drove us to the bar. We got out and walked inside and scoped it out and found a table to sit down at.

We ordered a round of drinks and started looking around to see if any of the girls or guys grabbed our attention sexually. Danielle saw a few she was possibly interested in but not a specific one that made her want to walk over and ravish.

We talked a bit and finished our first round of drinks. I told her to go ahead and order another round while I went to the bathroom.

While I was in the bathroom, I sent Peter a text message to meet me at the side door of the bar. I then went to meet him and actually had to calm him down a little. He was very nervous.

We then walked over to the table Danielle was sitting at and I told her, “Look what I found?” Her eyes lit up and jumped up and gave Peter a big hug. We all sat down and just started to talk. Danielle had no idea what we had planned.

I asked Peter to go reserve a pool table for us. When he was away from the table, I asked Danielle if she would be interested in seducing Peter? After all, we were here to pick someone up and bring them home.

Danielle said, “Maybe.” She did have a pretty big smile on her face after she said that. So, I knew that maybe meant yes. Especially since she was now biting her lower lip a little thinking about it.

When Peter came back to the table, the three of us went over to the pool table he just got for us.

We played a few games of pool and Danielle flirted with Peter the entire time. Peter got so nervous, Danielle won every game.

Each time Danielle took a shot she found some way to make sure Peter was behind her. She liked bending over a little more and arching her back so her skirt would raise just enough to show off her butt and the thong she was wearing. This seemed to drive Peter a little crazy.

One time, after she made a shot, she took her pool cue and ran it up the inside of his leg to his crotch and said, “Your turn.” As she said that, she bit down on her bottom lip and looked Peter directly in the eyes. Peter’s eyes got very big when she did that.

The three of us decided to go back to the table and get another round of drinks. When Danielle sat down, Peter and I sat down on each side of her. We slid our chairs so that they were right beside hers. So far, I don’t think Danielle was on to us.

After we chatted a bit more, Peter put his hand on the inside of Danielle’s inner thigh and started rubbing it. Danielle’s eyes got big, and she gasped a little. I think she was actually a little shocked. I thought to myself, let the games begin.

I kept talking to them like I could not tell what was going on. I pretended not to see what Peter was doing to her. But I sure was enjoying watching her squirm a little.

Peter then moved his hand up to her pussy and started to play with her. Danielle tensed up a bit and her eyes got even bigger this time. She did bite down on her bottom lip, so I knew she was getting excited but a little nervous. She was used to being the aggressor.

After I could tell that Danielle was getting worked up, I placed my hand on her other inner thigh and started to caress it. Danielle started to breathe heavy. I even heard a little moan sneak out.

Peter and I continued to seduce Danielle until I could see that she was to a point that if we took it any further, we would be having sex on the table in the bar.

So, I winked at Peter. That was his signal to pop the question. He leaned over and kissed Danielle on the cheek and then whispered in her ear. He said, “Let’s go back to your place so Roy and I can fuck you over and over.”

Danielle without hesitation, looked over at me and said, “Call the ride share now! We’re all going back to our place.”

We went outside to wait for the car, but it was already there waiting for us. The three of us climbed into the back seat. Once the driver started to head to our place, Peter and I started rubbing Danielle’s inner thighs again. She was getting extremely sexually excited. We almost did not make it back to the apartment.

Once we arrived at the apartment, the three of us went inside. Danielle made a bee line for the bedroom. Peter and I took our time just to let her build up a little more sexual tension.

When Peter and I went into the bedroom, Danielle was already nude and on the bed waiting for us.

Peter and I took off our clothes and climbed onto the bed with Danielle. Danielle started to suck on Peter’s cock immediately. So, I spread her legs open so I could start eating her pussy. It was already extremely wet.

Danielle quickly had an orgasm and when she did, she deep throated Peter. His eyes got really big, and he moaned out. At that point, Danielle laid down on the bed with her legs spread wide apart. She looked at Peter and motioned for him to come to her.

Peter slid his cock deep inside Danielle and started to fuck her. I could see she was enjoying it because she had her nails dug into Peter’s back. Danielle started to moan loudly as he thrust his cock in and out of her.

After a few minutes, Danielle had her second orgasm of the night. She was starting to shake a little.

Peter pulled out of her, and I moved around to between Danielle’s legs. I Took my cock and thrust it inside her. I started to fuck her hard. She screamed, “Yes!” She tilted her head back and raised her hips so I could go deeper inside her.

Peter moved around to behind Danielle’s head. He tilted it back just a little more and started to throat fuck her. It was a big turn-on for me seeing her throat bulge a little as his cock went deep into her throat.

We continued fucking her like this until she had another orgasm. This one was stronger than the others and left her trembling in ecstasy even more.

Peter laid down on the bed and motioned to Danielle to climb on top. She climbed on top of him and took his cock and slid it inside her. After she rode him for a bit, she bent over and started to kiss Peter.

I moved around behind her and started to play with her ass. She responded in a positive way, so I applied a little lube to her asshole and slid my cock inside her ass.

Peter and I started double penetrating her. Peter was fucking her pussy while I was fucking her ass. She started to moan very loudly. I could tell she was about to cum again.

Danielle started to tremble to the point that we had to hold her in position until she came. This time her orgasm seemed to last and last. She was having several smaller orgasms one after the other.

At that point Peter and I were more than ready to cum. We both came at the same time inside of her. The pulsing of our cocks caused Danielle to start moaning again and tensing up. The little orgasms she was having got stronger and caused her to tremble even more.

The three of us just laid there. Peter and I still had our cocks inside of her and were holding her gently. Danielle drifted off to sleep with our cocks still deep inside her pussy and ass.

We laid there for a while longer and then gently moved so Danielle was lying on the bed. She was sound asleep but had a big smile on her face. I hope she was having a really good dream.

Pete and I cleaned her up and tucked her into bed. Peter and I went into the living room and talked about what we just did. Peter was excited about the possibility of doing it again in the future. I told him that I do think Danielle would enjoy the three of us getting together from time to time.

We talked about if we should tell her that she was setup or not. We decided to wait a while and not let her know that we had planned this encounter. It would be our little secret.