I was sitting at my computer getting some work done. Danielle came into the room and told me that she just read about a swingers club that was going to hold a Sybian Rodeo.

I looked at her and she had a smile on her face. I said, “You want to go, don’t you?” She told me that it sounded like a lot of fun. I asked her where and when it was. She told me which club it was being held at and that it was this Saturday night.

I said, “I’m up for it. Let’s plan on going.” She gave me a kiss and went back to the bedroom to finish reading her book.

Saturday came and we got dressed up and headed out to the swingers club. When we arrived, we went inside and looked around to see who we knew. We saw several couples and a few singles that we have played with before. We went around and said hi to everyone we knew.

We grabbed a few drinks from our cooler and sat down at a table near the dance floor. There was a flyer on the table that explained how the Sybian Rodeo worked.

It said that each round, four contestants would be randomly selected. The four selected contestants would mount the Sybians and they would be turned on. Every few minutes the intensity of the Sybians would be turned up.

It also said that the rotation of the Sybian attachment would be turned on and the rotation would be increased as the rodeo progressed.

The winner of the round would be the last girl still riding the Sybian and staying conscious. OK, that sounds intense. I looked at Danielle and her eyes got really big reading that.

I asked her if she was going to participate or just watch. She told me that she was thinking about it but not sure yet.

We saw a couple we knew and waved at them to come join us. They sat down at our table and the four of us chatted and flirted. I could see Mike was already rubbing Danielle’s thigh and sliding his hand up under her dress. She did not mind at all. She had the hots for Mike and his wife Janet.

The four of us started to talk about the Sybian Rodeo. Janet said that she had one and it was amazing. She said that she has had some of the best orgasms she has ever had using it.

She asked Danielle if she has ever gotten to try one. Danielle told her no, but she was very interested in trying one out.

I mentioned that Danielle was thinking about signing up for the Sybian Rodeo, but she was a little bit chicken. I looked over at her and she had that look on her face. I knew I was in a little bit of trouble for calling her chicken.

Janet and Mike told Danielle that she just had to sign up and that they would cheer her on. They kept trying to get her to sign up until she finally agreed. Janet leaned over and gave her a big kiss and told her that she would love it.

Danielle got up and as she was headed over to the DJ booth to sign up for the contest, she walked around the table by me and smacked me on the back of the head. She then strutted over to the DJ booth.

Once she signed up, she returned to the table and looked me dead in the eyes. She said, “Once I win this contest, you owe me dinner out at a restaurant of my choosing.” I agreed and she looked over at Janet and Mike and said, “Do the two of you want to join us for dinner next week? Roy will be paying.”

I knew to just smile at her and not say a word.

A little later the DJ announced that that they only had four brave women sign up. So, there would only be one round and that the winner would receive a day of pampering at a spa as her prize. Danielle said that she did not know that there was going to be a prize. She also said that she really wanted that spa gift certificate.

The DJ then announced that the rodeo would start in 15 minutes. There was a stage behind the dance floor where they setup the four Sybians.

When the time came, the DJ announced that the four contestants should go to the stage and get undressed.

Danielle got up and walked over to the stage. She looked a little nervous.

When the four girls got to the stage, they brought out four really hot guys to take off all of their clothes. I could see Danielle was enjoying the guys.

Once the four girls were nude, the DJ announced to the four guys to lube up the contestants. Oh, did Danielle enjoy that. I think she would have been happy just playing with the guys.

Once the girls were all lubed up, the DJ told them to mount their Sybians. Each of the girls straddled their Sybians and slid the attachment deep inside their pussies.

The DJ started counting down from 10 to start the rodeo. When he hit zero, the Sybians were turned on low.

Danielle’s eyes got big and so did her smile. I could tell that she was enjoying the feeling the Sybian was giving her.

After a few minutes they turned the Sybians up a little. You could hear all four of the girls starting to moan. You could also see it in their faces that they were all enjoying themselves.

The DJ then announced to turn on the rotation. Danielle’s closed her eyes and started to bite down on the corner of her lower lip. She looked like she was really enjoying it.

The moans coming from the stage started to get louder. The crowd started to cheer the girls on.

The DJ announced it’s time to turn them up! The Sybians intensity was turned up a little higher.

You could see that two of the girls were already starting to tremble. One was already screaming in ecstasy and having what looked like a strong orgasm. She kept lifting up like she could not take it anymore. But she kept going like a trooper.

At this point, the crowd was really getting into the show and getting louder with their cheering.

The DJ then said, “Are you ready girls?” One girl responded by saying, “Hell no!” At that moment the DJ had the Sybians turned up even more.

The one girl that just had an orgasm stood up shaking her head. She said, “I’m done. These things are vicious!” We were now down to three contestants.

The DJ said, “Every time a girl gets bucked off her Sybian, guess what we do? We turn them up!” Danielle’s eyes got really big and braced herself on the Sybian.

I could see that Danielle was starting to tremble a bit. She leaned her head back and started to breathe heavier. I could tell that she wanted to cum but was doing everything she could to hold off.

Another girl started to scream, and her body started to shake. She started to rock back and forth on the Sybian. You could tell she was having one hell of an orgasm. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she let out one last loud scream and collapsed.

Two of the guys that helped them get undressed came up on stage and carried the girl off while her body trembled. Now it was just Danielle and one other girl.

Two more of the guys that helped brought out two benches that were the same height as the Sybians and placed them at the back of each machine.

The DJ announced, “This is where it gets wild! Which of these two lovely ladies has what it takes to win the Sybian Rodeo?” It’s time to add a surprise twist to the contest!

The two guys sat down on the benches and put their arms around the girls and started to play with their breasts. Danielle looked shocked but happy about the surprise twist at the same time.

Danielle has had her eyes on the guy that was now playing with her breasts for a long time. She could just never corner him long enough to flirt with him. Danielle looked over at our table, winked, licked her lips, and smiled.

The DJ said, “Are you ready girls?” The one other girl still surviving screamed, “No!” The DJ said, “Too late! We are turning them up!”

The guys braced the girls as the machines intensity was turned up. You could hear both girls start to moan very loudly. Both of them started to tremble. It looked like both of them were having an out-of-body experience. This got the crowd going even more with their cheers.

The DJ announced, “I don’t believe these two sexy ladies are still breathing. I guess it’s time to turn them up even more and add another twist to the rodeo!” He then said, “Guys, do your thing!”

The two guys moved one of their hands down and started playing with the girl’s clits. The Sybians were turned up even more at the same time.

Both girls started to scream, shake, and gasp for air. They both started to move their hips back and forth on the machines while the guys played with them. The DJ said, “Looks like we got a rodeo now!”

You could tell that both girls were having full body orgasms one after the other. They both looked like they were possessed. Both girls were covered in sweat. The two guys wiped their brows from time to time.

The other girl let out one last scream and passed out! Her machine was turned off and the guy behind her held her. She did have a smile on her face though.

Danielle started to scream and tremble uncontrollably. The guy behind her held onto her tight. She was having an orgasm that was extremely strong. They turned off her machine, but the orgasm continued. She kept having orgasm after orgasm.

I could tell she was exhausted, but she had the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face as she just collapsed into the guy’s arms.

The DJ announced, “We have a winner!” Danielle won the Sybian Rodeo. I guess I’ll be buying dinner for four once she recovers.

The guy that was behind her stood up and scooped Danielle up into his arms. He gave her a kiss, congratulated her and carried her off to a private room so she could recover.

Once Danielle recovered, she came back out and walked over to our table. Well, if you could call what she was doing walking. Looks like she was still not fully recovered.

We all stood up and congratulated her for winning. Janet told her that she could have never lasted that long.

Once Danielle sat down, she held up a piece of paper and gave a big smile. She had gotten the guy’s name and telephone number. That’s my Danielle!