Roy and I were visiting an area we used to live in. We decided to go hiking down a secluded trail that runs along the side of a river that we hiked frequently when we lived in the area. We got dressed in our hiking clothes and packed a small hiking day pack. It was a beautiful day for a hike. It was in the mid-70s, sunny, and there was a slight breeze.

We drove to the trail head and parked the car. We noticed that there was nobody else here. We were a little surprised because of how nice it was out. But we had no problems having the trail all to ourselves.

Roy grabbed the day pack and we started down the trail. The closer we go to the river, the louder you could hear the rush of the water. It has a mesmerizing sound and I love to hear it.

When we got to the river, the trail bends and goes along the side of the river for about a mile. It’s a dirt path that is well shaded and has lovely views of the river. We hiked down the trail just talking about what our next sexual adventure should be. That got me thinking, once we were out further on the trail, maybe we could have sex by the river? Hmm… I don’t think I’ll have any problems convincing Roy to fuck me on the edge of the river.

We continued down the trail when we heard some noise a little further down the trail. It sounded like two people talking. But there were no other cars parked at the trail head. Maybe they were in a kayak or canoe on the river. We continued down the trail keeping an eye out for them.

The further down the trail we got, the louder we could hear them. There was a bend in the trail about 50 yards further down the trail. Roy and I have taken nude photos there because we knew very few hikers went down the trail that far.

As we started around the bend, we noticed a couple embracing and kissing. We decided that we didn’t want to disturb them. So, we quickly ducked down behind a large stump that was off the side of the trail. We watched the couple hoping that we blended in with the brush and that they could not see us.

She had on a cute little sun dress that was slightly see thru. The guy started undoing the top and removed her sun dress slowly. As it came above her hips, we could see that she had nothing on under it. As he pulled the sun dress up further, she raised her arms so he could slide it up and off.

She had very nice breasts. They looked large and firm. I thought how I would love to play with them. That made me a little horny. I reached over and started to massage Roy’s cock through his pants.

The girl then dropped down to her knees and started to massage the guy’s cock through his pants. He placed his hands on her shoulders and started to massage them.

After she teased him for a few minutes, she unzipped his pants and slid them down to his feet. He stepped out of them and kicked them to the side of the trail. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. He had a nice muscular build and I enjoyed just looking at him.

She then looked our way while stroking his cock. She smiled and winked. Apparently, she knew we were there. I assumed she did not mind us watching as she turned back to the guy and started to suck on his cock.

We continued to watch them but still stayed hidden the best we could. We were not sure if the guy knew we were watching them. I was actually getting very sexually excited by what we were doing and watching.

After she sucked on the guy’s cock for a while, she stood back up and started kissing the guy. He reached down and started playing with her pussy. You could hear her starting to moan a little. That was turning me on even more.

I could tell that Roy was enjoying the little unexpected sex show we were watching because he had slid his hand up my skirt and was massaging my clit in little circles. That felt very good.

Then the unexpected happened. She whispered something in his ear and they both turned and looked our way. When they both started to walk towards us, I knew we had been caught.

When they got to the stump we were hiding behind, we stood up and smiled. I’m sure we were both red in the face since we were now a little embarrassed. Neither of them said anything to us. They just smiled at us. I then noticed that she was stroking the guy’s cock while they were standing in front of us.

She looked me in the eyes and looked down at the guys cock she was stroking and then looked back at me and raised her eyebrows a bit. Was she offering me his cock?

I came around to the front side of the stump and sat down. They walked over directly in front of me. She leaned over and pulled my leg to the side to open them. I then opened my legs wide and he moved his body between them. I now had his erect cock right in my face.

I started to suck on his cock. I reached around and played with his firm ass. I was a little startled with what I was doing, but I was enjoying it. I went down on him deep a few times and he really seemed to enjoy that.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that she had removed all of Roy’s clothes and was giving him a blowjob. I could hear him moan out from time to time so, I knew he was enjoying what was happening.

The guy then placed his hands under my arms and stood me up. He slowly removed all of my clothes while fondling me all over. After he had my clothes removed, he started to suck on my nipples very gently.

Roy had reached into the day pack and took out what we call our always ready for sex, sex kit. It contains a very thin towel that we can use as a ground cover, lube, and condoms of various sizes. We try to have this kit with us wherever we go.

Roy took the towel out and laid it across the stump. The guy then picked me up and laid me down on the stump.

The girl moved around to between my legs and climbed up on the stump. She bent over and started to kiss me. I reached up and started to play with her boobs. They felt as good as they looked.

She then moved down to my breasts and started to lick and suck on them. After a few minutes she moved down my body further. She was kissing and licking my stomach. The guy had moved around behind me, and I tilted my head back slightly to invite him to put his cock in my mouth.

He slid his hard cock inside my mouth and started to pump it in and out. I tilted my head back just a little further in case he decided to go deep into my throat.

She had moved further down my body and was kissing and licking my lower abdomen and pussy mound. I was getting extremely sexually excited at this point.

She started to rub lightly up and down my inner thighs as she continued to tease me with her kissing near but not on my pussy. It was driving me crazy. Each time I moaned, the guy slid his cock a little further into my mouth and also moaned. I liked this a lot.

I took my hands and pushed her head down to my pussy. She started to eat me, and it instantly caused me to start having an orgasm. She continued to lick and suck on my pussy very gently so I could recover a little from the unexpected orgasm.

Roy had moved around behind her and started to fuck her from behind. After she ate my pussy for a bit longer, she and Roy moved beside me, and they continued to have sex.

The guy that was fucking my mouth moved around to the other side of the stump and positioned himself between my legs. He raised them and placed my ankles on his shoulders. He then slid his cock deep inside me. I gasped and felt that I was going to have another orgasm.

The more I moaned, the harder he thrust his cock in me. I reached over and grabbed Roy’s hand and squeezed it. Roy squeezed my hand back. We held each other’s hand for a bit while we continued to fuck these two strangers.

I could tell that Roy was about to cum by listening to him and feeling his hand. This caused me to start having a very enjoyable orgasm. I started to thrust my hips up and down as the stranger fucked me harder and harder.

I started to scream in ecstasy. At this point I did not care if anyone heard me or even if we got caught. My entire body started to tremble as the guy and I orgasmed together.

After we both came, he laid down on top of me. Our breathing synced and I could still feel his cock pulsating inside me. This felt wonderful. I could see that Roy was lying on top of the girl and they were embracing.

We all just laid there for what seemed to be a long time, just enjoying the feeling of each other’s bodies. I just laid there with my arms and legs wrapped around this stranger, listening to sound of the river. I wanted this moment to last longer but knew the four of us had to get dressed before someone caught us.

We all got up and got dressed. We gave each other hugs and kisses and went our separate ways. None of us ever said a word to each other. It was just raw, unbridled sex.

We did not know their names and they did not know ours. It was just two couples having some amazing, unexpected sex on a beautiful trail down by the river.