It was early morning, and I was starting to wake-up. I stretched a little and decided to get another 10 minutes of sleep. Well, I thought I was going to get another 10 minutes or so of sleep.

I felt Roy start to massage one of my breasts very gently. It was relaxing and a little arousing at the same time. He started running his fingertips around my nipple and down the center of my body towards my lower stomach. He was doing this ever so lightly. It almost tickled.

After a while he started circling his fingertips around my mound. He also started caressing the area between my pussy and inner thighs. I found myself spreading my legs open a little to invite him in.

He cupped my pussy with his hand and placed his other hand behind my neck. Roy started to gently kiss my lips. He moved his hand up to my lower stomach and caressed it ever so lightly. I started to raise my hips a bit and I was getting very sexually turned on.

I was thinking how nice this was to wake-up to morning sex. What a great way to start off the day.

Suddenly, while Roy was kissing me, I felt long hair touch my inner thighs and lower stomach. This startled me. A warm mouth then started nibbling on my outer lips. OK, who was this? I went to look, and Roy covered my eyes and said to just go with it and that I would find out who it was in a bit.

I was already horny, so I just laid there and enjoyed being eaten while Roy was playing with my breasts and kissing me. It felt really good.

I could feel an orgasm coming on and I started to move my hips more and more. After I had an orgasm, I felt the person that was eating me lay their head on my mound and cuddle my lower body. Roy was gently caressing my stomach and chest. But who was the other person that just brought me to orgasm?

Roy sat up on the bed and the person that was resting between my legs started kissing my mound. I felt my hips start to rise once again.

They moved up and started kissing my lower stomach very gently. They kept moving up my body while kissing each part as they went.

When they reached my breasts, they started massaging them and sucking on my nipples. Roy covered my eyes so I could not see who it was. The suspense was killing me and turning me on at the same time. I wanted to know who it was.

They moved up further and started kissing me. The persons lips where extremely soft so I knew it was a girl. Roy moved his hands away from my eyes so I could see who the stranger was.

When I opened my eyes, I was stunned for a moment. It was my friend Ana! I did not know she was bi or even bi-curious. She never told me. If I had known, I would have put moves on her a long time ago.

She just smiled at me and started kissing me again. Now this was a twist to wake-up sex.

Roy grabbed my feet and pulled me down lower on the bed. Ana then turned around and lowered her pussy to my face. She was very wet, and I could even smell that she was sexually excited.

She started eating me again while I was eating her. I was really enjoying the taste and feel of her pussy in my mouth.

Roy moved around to my head and started getting himself hard. He then inserted his penis into Ana’s wet pussy. I started to suck on her clit while Roy was fucking her. She started to moan. She started eating me more intensely. Seeing Roy going in and out of her while she was eating me was getting me extremely excited again.

Ana had a very vocal orgasm and her pussy dripped all over my face. I definitely enjoyed that feeling.

Roy pulled out of her and Ana moved off me. She then told me to turn over. Hmmm… What was she planning to do to me?

She moved between my legs and spread them a little. She started to massage my butt. It felt relaxing.

I felt my hips start to rise without me consciously moving them up. I wanted more.

Ana started licking very lightly around my asshole. That caused me to actually squeal. I don’t squeal, I am a moaner. But I will have to admit, I squealed.

She started probing my ass with her tongue. She moved it in and out. This caused me to start trembling a bit. I raised my hips even higher to give her better access to my ass.

Roy handed her some lube and she applied it using little circles to my ass. Damn if I didn’t squeal again.

She started finger-fucking my ass while Roy watched. It felt so good I grabbed the sheets with both hands and bit down on the pillow and let out another little squeal.

Ana moved up to my head and started to massage my shoulders and upper back. That felt really nice, but I wanted someone to continue playing with my ass.

Roy then straddled me and started to rub the tip of his cock around the opening to my ass. That alone, got me trembling a bit again.

He then entered me very slowly and slid his cock deep into my ass. I bit down on the pillow once again because I knew I was going to squeal again. But I didn’t, I moaned out very loudly in pure ecstasy.

Feeling Roy going in and out of my ass while Ana massaged my shoulders felt wonderful. I was thinking that I wanted to do this more often. I was extremely sexually attracted to Ana but never approached her about the possibility of us having sex together.

I could feel Roy starting to throb deep inside me. I could tell he was about to cum. This excited me so much. I reached down between my legs and started to masturbate. I quickly brought myself to orgasm and screamed out. At that moment, Roy exploded inside me. That felt fantastic and caused me to cum again.

Roy laid down on me and left his cock inside me. We laid there for a few minutes while Ana played with my hair. This was really nice. I am sure I had a smile on my face.

Ana moved around beside the two of us and cuddled up with us. She had one arm across us and wrapped one leg around hers. I could feel her pussy against my hip. I really liked that feeling.

We laid there together for a while and the three of us drifted off to sleep. I guess I was not getting up after all. This was so much better.